Standby Information


43-500 Monterey Ave., Palm Desert , CA 92260
1.     Stand-by sellers must be in line by 5:30 a.m. at the Information Booth for a lottery style drawing for
2.     Complete application and receive a lottery number. APPLICATIONS ARE OBTAINED ON THE DAY OF THE SALE.  A separate drawing is held for both Saturday and Sunday.
The honor system is used when issuing numbers. Even if all members of a family hold a resale license, only one member per family or business group may draw a number.  Upon announcement of the available spaces, the lottery numbers will be drawn and the available spaces will be assigned to the holders of the drawn lottery numbers.  No spaces will be assigned over the number of announced available spaces.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
3.     Pay Space fee in cash.  The following daily fees, which include a $2.00 City of Palm Desert open-air seller’sfee, apply for the time specified:
October, November, December, April, and May:  $62.00
January 12, 13, 19, 20, 26 and 27, February, and March:  $72.00
June  $35.00   July  $25.00   August  $25.00   September  $30.00
4.     Present EACH DAY proof of liability insurance.  Insurance must name College of the Desert AND COD Alumni Association as additional insured. If needed, liability insurance maybe purchased at the Street Fair for $10.00 a day.
5.     Present EACH DAY a photocopy of their California Resale Permit with the college address on it (43-500 Monterey Avenue, Palm Desert, CA 92260) along with the Seller’s drivers license. YOUR RESALE PERMIT MUST BE DISPLAYED IN OPEN VIEW OF THE PUBLIC.

Sharing of any space is not permitted.  Please do not approach any regular monthly vendor or otherstand-by seller asking to share their space. If anyone is observed selling from an unauthorizedspace, they will be permanently terminated from selling at the Street Fair.Parking.  After a space is assigned, vendors should bring their vehicle in to unload and, before they set up, move their vehicle to the EAST side of the campus off San Pablo.

Street Fair Rules and Regulations.  It is the vendor’s responsibility to ask for a copy of the Street Fair Rules and Regulation from the Information Booth at the time you receive your application.  All rules and regulations apply to stand-by vendors as well as monthly sellers.

Monthly vendors and/or their associates are not permitted to secure stand-by spaces. Management reserves the right to limit items sold by merchandise selection.  Standby vendors who are not awarded a selling space may not work on the same day in a monthly vendor’s booth.

All stand-by sellers are considered temporary vendors and, as such, receive a random selling space assignment.  If you are assigned the same selling space for any length of time, it is due to space size and mutual convenience and in no way should it be construed as “your” space.  Stand-by sellers have no claim to any particular selling space assignment on a repeat basis.

No food or produce sellers will be allowed in on stand-by. All massage therapists must comply with specific rules. Any question about where you are to park? Please ask Street Fair Management.

As distinguished from an auxiliary, College of the Desert Alumni Association is an independent organization separate and apart from College of the Desert. College of the Desert appreciates the support provided to the College through the revenue generated by the Alumni Association Street Fair.